The New Computer Post

As some of you already know, I finally obtained another computer.  My previous computer, WuffyTank, was a good 5 years or so in its product life, and it’s been a blast, but it was getting a bit dated at the same time.  It ran an AMD Sempron 3000 processor with an AGP 8x Video Card, two gigs of RAM (something that was considered overkill back in the day!), and the hard drive situation has been a mess since day one.  Nowadays, I know it has at least a 250 GB disk plus some change.  So, what did I upgrade to?  A LifeQ from a little-known place called Quo Computer.  It’s a “ma and pa” sized business in California, and with getting something from that little place, I was a bit concerned about what I’d actually be getting.  The specs, as per the website, was a Quad Core processor at 2.6 GHz (upgrading from a single-core at 3 GHz), a 500 GB 7200 RPM hard drive, and 4 GB RAM (upgradable to 16).  The video card information was out of date on the website, they told me over the phone that they upgraded the model to an nVidia 9800 512 MB video card, which I’m not complaining about.

That said, let’s run some comparisons over the choices I had in my head.

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Weblicky Status Update Announcement

According to my server logs, yup, somebody still reads Weblicky.

Thing is, CuteNews (the software I used for the BlickBox) was throwing a bunch of errors up on the server logs. It’s also, as I have learned from experiences elsewhere, a shoddy piece of work. It’s also not supported any more by the creators. On top of this, Walrus (the software that determines the back, now, and next comics to display) was throwing errors due to some PHP configuration on my server’s end. So I’m temporarily preventing access to that part of things here until I get these things straightened out.

Also, enjoy the shoddily-thrown together favicon.  Server log shouldn’t have much to say about errors for a while.

Woodle Dednesday Witty Title

A rough round of job applicants, a rough week, and some rough sketches.

Spider BossDragon BossClaw Boss

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Woodle Dednesday Quicky

Compared to last week’s dump, this is going to be a sparse Woodle Dednesday. It’s been a fast week for me, as some unfortunate incidents had me away from the notebook, while I switched over to Google Chrome. Also, I’m finally able to set up Stepmania for use on a television, but that’s for another day.  Also, I’ve been looking at making facebook apps as well, but who hasn’t?

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Woodle Dednesday is Back!

While waiting to be rejected from various attempts to get employed, I’m going to be starting a little flash project game.  Tentatively, I’m calling it “30 Bosses.”  The basic premise of the game will be “Kirby Super Star’s Arena” meets “I Wanna Be The Guy:” A solid boss rush through thirty or so bosses, some wholly original, some beefed-up derivatives of memorable bosses.  I’ve picked that sort of premise for a number of reasons, one of which is that bosses were really the milestone of games back in the day, and a not-very-recent playthough of No More Heroes kind of reminded me of that whole nature.  Also, having fiddled around with Game Maker a couple of years back, I feel like level design is probably the most dragged-out process of the game creation process.  Thisaways, I’d be getting straight to the programmy-nitty-gritty, without being stuck on a level editor for years.

That said, this is all still in conceptual vaporware format.  My current ideal launch date is between now and whenever Duke Nukem Forever comes out.  Regardless, you’ve got to start somewhere, so I’ve done a few conceptual designs for bosses, and that’s more or less what Woodle Dednesday will be for… Quite a while.  Descriptions after the jump.

Turtle Dragon Snake Thing The Clown Copter The Egg Beater Teleporty Boss CG Kracken The Omega Cannon

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One More Unbeatable Childhood Boss Goes Down

Oracle of Wuffing (legally) captures Carmen Sandiego!

Oracle of Wuffing (legally) captures Carmen Sandiego!

The sidewalks are a little bit safer tonight.

The Annotated Centipede

Okay people.  I’ve got a real treat for you.

In the early 1980′s, Atari/Midway developed a now-classic-retro video-arcade game named “Centipede”.  It’s a fancy trackball-guided game where one shoots bugs, the most prominent of which is the Centipede, which breaks off into various segments if you shoot the middle of his body but keeps it together if you only aim for the head (hoo-ah!).  Now, you might have known of that certain title.  However, you might not have known of the DC COMIC BOOK BASED ON THAT TITLE. I know I didn’t.  Until I got it.

Now, I’m an American, so I’m kinda tied behind American copyright law.  I can’t actually redistribute the comic book scans I found until another 40-50 odd years.  ’Cause DC Comics and Midway are still profiting off this comic, I guess.  However, parody is covered under fair use, fair use is so dang vague in the first place, and my host has nothing against me having an ages-old sprite comic up, so I present to you…

Centipede, Annotated

Centipede, Annotated

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Sheep in the Big City DVD Project

Quite a while back, I got recordings of every Sheep in the Big City episode, and watched them all straight from my hard drive.  It’s a wonderfully nonsensical Rocky and Bullwinkle-type show, and it “feels” like that show influenced the background designs in Chowder and Flapjack, though I doubt there’s any actual evidence for that conclusion.  Many moons ago, episodes from the first season of SitBC were available for purchase on iTunes, but they have since been recalled, and no collection of the show has been released. Read the rest of this entry »

I Finally got Around to Those Government-Mandated Renovations You’ve all Been Suing Me About

I’m kidding, is an awesome host and they’re incredibly nice about me not having the rent in on time or having an incredibly out of date WordPress installation. I just went from version… Somewhere around 2.4 to 2.8, which is, uh, there’s a lot of stuff on the administrator backend that has completely changed for my own ease.

Oh my gosh, I can automatically turn off comments after an article is so old.  That makes me so much happier.

Quackduck Watch 2009


I’ve been meaning to upload this image for about a week now… I’ve “kind of” been exhausted from my Studio Thesis and my Art History Thesis (which was last Monday).  Anyhow, I heard an ugly rumor about what happened to the peepducklings from last year, but I never really found out if the rumor was true.  Regardless, this duck’s back, and when I checked today, I did see a male duck down by the “pondish stream type thing” not too far away.




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