Woodle Dednesday Witty Title

A rough round of job applicants, a rough week, and some rough sketches.

Spider BossDragon BossClaw Boss

When I’m thinking spider boss, I’m thinking of the first “Sigma” boss in Mega Man X, and then there was a bonus stage in Mario Land 2: Six Golden Coins which shared the same style.  There are a bunch of vertical poles in the background, and some odd amount of horizontal poles spawn.  The target then speeds down from the top of the screen, crossing over on whatever horizontal poles can be accessed.  It’s pretty much a boss founded on programming things in a nifty way as opposed to making an epic boss fight, but certainly the formula can be changed.  Evidently, Capcom made a standard boss fight just like this in a later Mega Man X game, which is kind of a let down since it was pretty much a copy and paste job.

Dragons.  There’s got to be a standard dragon somewhere in this game, but I think I got all dragonned out from Turtle Dragon Snake Thing here.  I need to draw better dragons.  It doesn’t even need to be a reference or a template from anything, just as long as it is a freakin’ dragon.

Going back to the gimmick boss, we need a claw/crane game boss type dude.  You fight him in one of those UFO grabber style environments, and he tries to either pick you up or pick up some random item from the floor, and whatever attack follows is based on what item is picked up.  Pretty much, to the player, it’s a lot of trial and error to figure out things on the first go, but it’ll probably be among the easiest bosses once all of his attacks have been seen.

One Response to “Woodle Dednesday Witty Title”

  1. Jimmy says:

    Draw a big S, another S, add wingalings, eyes, legs, a Beefy Arm for good measure, draw scales by using some “consummate vs” and add majesty and you’re left with a pretty good dragon.




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